You can either spend your money mindlessly and be proud or you can go to EVO and carry that broad smile of satisfaction every time you get in to your ride. These guys do it right, keep it neat and for them ‘Your’ preference matters the most. They are not pushy at all yet tag the ‘Class’ to your budget. I was thrilled how effortlessly they managed to balance an entry level amp to sound the best.
I have had bad experiences with some of the big shops in Bangalore but thankfully I found them on a forum. The entire team is extremely customer centric and run pillar to post to ensure that the work is Done correctly without complaints.

Soumen Sengupta

I had done audio system installation for my Ritz 2 years back in EVO. Owner Satya and his team had done a wonderful job. I can feel it whenever I spent time in my car. Even many of my friends have appreciated for the sound quality. The way he listens to our requirement and provide suggestions are really good. Recenty I had gone to some other big shop in Bangalore but I wasn’t satisfied with their service. I can say EVO is the perfect place for music lovers. Visit once and you will feel it.

Muthu dhandapani

I have had a good experience when ever I have dealt with EVO. Installation was excellent and care was taken not to miss out on small details. Sathya knows how to mix and match various components to get the best sound based on your listening preference. Go to place for ICE.

Harsha Suresh

The best you’ll find in the business. Satya actually listens to you and respects your taste of music and offers you the best. His team executes the fitment in a neat manner. I’m a regular here!

Vinay P. Habib

When you want the right advice and solution at the right cost, EVO is the place. was great to have satya cut out the nonsense and provide just what I needed. Enjoying ever since 🙂

Arvind Prabhakar

Heard about him in an online forum and drove 250 kms to get my installation done. Satya is very approachable and customer friendly. Does not dazzle you with jargons though he is well qualified to do so. A happy customer

Murali kesavan

Having known Satya for a while, I was most happy when he opened his own place. Anyone who knows Satya will tell you that he is one of the most polite, happy and friendly persons, and in his professional capacity these virtues are a boon. My brief to Satya was simple, “you know best, I will trust your recommendation”. To many, that seems like a blank cheque but Satya will first understand what your needs and music preferences are, and then suggest an audio set-up that works best for you. My car has seen multiple rounds of upgrades (as and when finances permit of course) and each upgrade has been qualitatively better. Satya and the team are fantastic and it doesn’t matter how many other installers you have been to, you will not go to any others after you’ve been to EVO.

Kartik Kumar

Best place in B’lore to get your car audio fitted or enhanced. I got to know about EVO through Team BHP back in 2012 where I had to enhance the speakers of my i20 (then), I was amazed to see the job done especially with the damping and the sound quality. I’ve recently upgraded the speakers (upgraded to high end components with shallow sub, keeping the same stock infotainment system) on my XUV 5OO, I’m very thankful to Satya for his advise and expertise to get the job done. I will never regret for the bucks I spent on it, the music quality is just kickass.. Post that I’ve got Music system fitted on our Suzuki celerio, again great job on that… I would recommend EVO to all, trust me you will never regret…

Mangirish Sansguiri

Probably the best place in Bangalore to get your car audio upgraded!! Went there to upgrade my Renault Duster’s audio system. Satya and his team knows exactly what’s right for your car and how it has to go into your car! The installation is neat and high quality and even the pricing is perfect!! Or you could even tell him your budget and he’ll come up with the best your money can buy and I bet you won’t regret!! The only warning I’ll have to give you is that the installation may not be as quick as you would want to be like other dealers but you’ll be assured that everything that’s going into your car is fitted right and there’s zero compromise when it comes to quality !!
Brilliant work and keep it going for many more years to come!!

Gaurav Sharavanan

Satya has never steered me wrong. I go in with a budget in mind, and he comes with 2 to 3 options for my budget. Then a small discussion on what would be the best combination. Followed by a quick install and that’s it!

I’ve had the stereo and seat covers in my car changed twice, and got a new package for a friends car. No complaints or issues at any time.

Quick, easy, hassle free, and most important of all, peace of mind!

Navil Heggere

Visit, if you want a neat job, and you never need to worry about later. Have done after market horn and reverse sensor installation. Almost, two years and I never had to look again at the installed horns and reverse sensor.

Balasubramaniam Ramasamy

This guy is a genius in car accessories and car customization, never spoil the original wiring, and most important thing is that the after sale service is unmatched in this city.

Paul Dsilva

Reasonably priced shop with entire variety of audio equipment managed by an expert owner. Easily the best Audio Store for cars in Bangalore!

Aniket Pise

Workmanship is very good but they should have dust free place to avoid trapping of dust inside lamps and car components

Alok Verma

Brilliant audio installer. Very good experience on many occasions.

Debayan Roy

Professional and experienced people at work.
It’s best place to get the work done.
People are friendly too.
Pricing is perfect for the work they do.

Tejaswini Pasupuleti

Very Professional. Good products.

Chandrasekar G

Got my Lights fitted here 5 yrs back what a fab job

Darren Pinto

Very Professional guys & very reasonable they do the work neatly did my alto car audio modification. Mr Satya was helpful did the modification as my requirement.


Friendly people. Owner is extremely knowledgeable. Does amazing work.

Aditya Rao

Great unique audio products that can be top of the line!

Vez Javeed

Very nice work done in my car.

Gopal Ram

Nice place to do your four wheeler works.

Akhilesh S.L

Very cooperative folks who understand your needs and customize solutions for you.

Arul Gerald

Very good products and services.

Govind Shekar

Exceptional response. ..guys know what they are doing…very professional. ..nd deliver customized solutions as per customer’s requirement…highly recommended. ..

Gaurav Rai

Not sure about the other ICE professionals. I just saw a good review about EVO and visited only this place and get it done. Satisfied with service.

Gowshik raj

Finally got my Audio system setup properly… thanks bro..!!

Sandeep Singh

They are very friendly, professional, fast and clean. One of the best car accessories shop in Bangalore

Amar Algadi

One of the best car accessories shop in Bengaluru.

Pranav Varikkat

Great custom audio installs.

Murugavel Ganesan

Went to have a solution for my car Audio System, What I got is amazing. I personally liked the way he served my purpose.

Debabrata Chakraborty

I wanted a weekend warrior profile for my 2011 Yamaha r1. Team EVO gave me two options with different brands and explained the difference and the end result. Viola, My ride responds the way I wanted. Power delivery is quicker in 3/4 gear and compliments my riding style…Next upgrade from EVO is going to be AR GP spec exhaust. btw booked already 🙂

Vikram Chaudhary

They understood what I wanted and more. Way to go Boys!
This is about my classic 1984 RD350 which needed some parts replacement and TLC to bring it back to happiness. Having my other rides -CBR 1K and a Triumph triple upgraded with Sandy & Satya, I wasn’t really sure if they could do a classic restoration. Not only did they source the genuine right parts but also enhanced performance a bit more with upgraded Coils and Pistons.

Manoj Reddy