LED Headlight Bulb Upgrades have become the new trend in Automotive Lighting.

Most Premium Car manufacturers are using LED arrays in the headlamps as a power efficient and bright visibility solutions.

Hella is the market leader in automotive LED array technologies. Adaptive lighting with auto levelers and dimmers is what we get to see on Premium cars like the Mercedes Benz SClass, BMW 7 series, Audi A8 and so on. However, the technology on those cars and the tech. behind LED bulb upgrades on all other cars is different.

Standard headlamp bulbs in common cars depend on a reflector which is designed to reflect light at various angles to generate a beam on road. The brightness we get entirely depends on the headlamp design and bulb combined with it. What is important in this kind of lighting is the positioning of the light filament or light core. Most LED headlamp bulbs are truly retrofits on a standard bulb mount, hence making them dependent on the quality of materials and intensity of the light produced at the correct position.

We @ EVO do extensive testing before we decide to sell a product at our stores. Though LED bulbs are always brighter than Original OEM bulbs which come with any car, but when compared to a good quality HID / Xenon, with the LED bulbs available in the market last two years we had seen very limited success,  most of them scatter light too much or lack the intensity to truly enhance visibility…

But, there is Good News !!
Some LED bulbs we have been using by Precision Electronics have given very good results, and have beam strength up to 100% of a bright 35W HID kit. These LED bulbs have a significant advantage over HIDs as they have Zero Delay in reaching maximum brightness, and very power efficient @ 30-40Watts consumption.

Installing these involve no additional wiring and they are bolt on plug and play products at 60% of the price of a good HID kit.

This is why you should get LED light upgrades, watch our video below to learn more.

On-road Brightness test of LED bulbs in India.

Get in touch with us to know more about practical output and compatibility on different cars.

On Road Beam Output / brightness on Dual beam H4 LED bulbs: