Artificial Leather Seating:

Artificial Leather Seating is the most common seating option chosen by majority of seat cover buyers. The main reason behind this is the easy maintenance of the same and a good looking interior for years without too much pain. Fabric seats get dirty very easily, especially with kids playing in the car it becomes a nightmare of dirt and liquid marks. Art leather seats work good in such applications as it can be cleaned even with mild soap water and a cloth.

Pricing for Seat covers on an average small to mid size car including front and rear seats cost between Rs 5,000/- to Rs 9000/-. For an SUV it costs between Rs 7500/- to Rs 15,000/- based on car, variant and seats.

Pure Leather Seating:

Pure Leather seating is for the buyers who will not resort for anything less than the best options that can be for their car. Pure leather seating comes with the advantage of a rich and neat fit & finish, as well as better comfort compared to art leather seating (in humid climate) as Leather hides breathe / absorb moisture.

Most leather seating jobs are done in ‘Full Job’ pattern which includes Seats, Doorpads, Steering wheel, Gear Knob, Gear Boot, Hand Brake cover etc. This gives a rich OEM look to the interior. Pure leather seating can be done in two formats namely, Touch Leather and Full Leather. Touch leather seating looks the same as pure leather. The front body contact portions is entirely done is pure leather, and the side border and storage zip at the rear of the seat is made in artificial leather. Color shades are matched accordingly by the seating company. In pure leather format, everything is stitched in pure leather itself. A touch leather seat looks the same as a pure leather seat with excellent fit and finish, but saves some money as pure leather is not used through and through. So it’s a ratio of 65% pure leather and 35% art leather.

Pricing depends on grade and thickness of leather in this case. A Touch leather full job for a small to mid segment car costs between Rs 27500/- to Rs 65000/- based on material choice and seat pattern and size according to car. An SUV in touch leather can cost anywhere between Rs 40000/- to Rs 75000/-. A full leather, full job for a small to mid size car costs between Rs 35000/- to Rs 80000/-. A full leather, full job for a SUV costs between 50000/- to Rs 100000/-