This is how an ‘In Car Music Experience’ should be… Clear, Articulate, Accurate & Power when you need it for that occasional mood.

People don’t come to EVO looking for a loud and harsh music experience, there are hundreds of shops for that. We make cars sound Good!

We at EVO work each day to deliver the best In Car Entertainment to our customers, delivering happiness and satisfaction for car lovers and enthusiasts from all over. Worked on over 6000 Cars in 13 years, with some of the highest customer satisfaction.

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Over the last decade, we have specialized in,
In-Car Entertainment for car owners seeking the best Sound Quality and a No Compromise Installation.
We primarily operate out of our store in Bangalore, however, our team has done multiple @ Customer site installations of High end car audio in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Mangalore and Ernakulam.

A common belief of anyone looking for a good In car Entertainment setup is
” The more money I Spend, the better it gets “.
Yes it can, but not always true.
In a Car Audio Install, it finally comes down to how everything is put together. Installation and tuning both have to be done right.

One can go and spend a good amount of money, but the higher one spends, the better the installation quality needs to be, wiring and acoustics have an important part to play.
A neat and clean install and tune job is our main differentiator @ EVO.  Most average Car Stereo Stores don’t know the first thing about good sound are only good at Counter selling. In the end the sound output and tuning depends on a worker who is far from being a sound engineer. Hence the result, a loud booming and rough sounding audio experience. The higher one spends, the worse it can sound, if done wrong.

A good installation quality for any car audio system whether basic or high end leads to the some benefits.

Stability and Long Life:
As long as the fitment and install is done properly the audio system will mostly run without any glitches. However, one can never rule out failures in Electronics, but you have to at least make sure that the failure does not occur due to a poor quality install. Even if a not so well done installation starts out by sounding fine, it has a very high probability of failure in future. A good wiring job always ensures longer equipment life