We at EVO work each day to elevate the In Car Entertainment and Audio market in India. We work each day to add happiness and satisfaction for our customer’s Automotive life . Our goal is to eventually become a one stop brand name for the Enthusiast looking to not own just another Average Car.

We have specialised in in-car entertainment and performance modifications for the last 13 years, Our motto is to always deliver the all round experience to the customer.

A Common Consumer thought that comes to anyone looking to have nothing less than the best is ” The more money I Spend, the better it gets “. YES! it does, but in a Car Audio Install, it finally comes down to how the job has been executed.

One can go and spend real good money, but the higher one spends, the better the installation quality, wiring and acoustics have to be, and That is where we at EVO Stand apart above the average Car Audio Shop who are only good at Counter Selling.

The Main Purpose of a Good Installation Quality for any car audio system whether basic or high end leads to the below benefits.

Stability and Long Life:

As long as the fitment and install is done properly the audio system will mostly run without any glitches. However, one can never rule out failures in Electronics, but you have to at least make sure that the failure does not occur due to a poor quality install. Even if a not so well done installation starts out by sounding fine, it has a very high probability of failure in future. A good wiring job always ensures longer equipment life.

Woodwork Longevity:

Any parts carved in wood should be of accurate dimensions very close to the stock parts, this ensures longer life of the woodwork used and lesser rattles and noises. Most commonly wooden parcel trays etc in hatchback vehicles cause a lot of jarring because of wrong measurements, and at times to make up for a bad fitment some installers manage to pass some screws in different places to make it fit, this may eliminate jarring for the time being, but definitely is a very poor way of fitting a system. Most often parcel trays made of Particle Board start sagging in few months and at last totally go out of shape resulting in the same problems mentioned above. Always try buying good quality MDF woodwork for any part for car audio installs.