The Stage 1 and Stage 1+ upgrades range from a Performance Air Filter to a Piggyback ECU to substitute the tuning map of the car for better power delivery and efficiency. Sometimes we go one step further for petrol cars by installing a performance Free Flow Exhaust System to enhance the power delivery by 7 to 10% from stock for a Naturally Aspirated engine.
In case of a Turbocharged engine an exhaust with a mandatory change in ECU map can generate up to 35% more power than stock factory condition without compromising engine life. In high power enhancement applications it is highly recommended to upgrade the fuel injectors, get a performance clutch and a better suspension setup with good tires in order to extract the optimum amount of power the car puts down on road and the car occupants safety too*. Better tires will reduce traction loss, and make the ride safer.

Few more basic street mods like custom gears, final drive ratio change and custom throttle body enhances power delivery to a large extent.

A Design and performance setup delivered by the Car manufacturer at stock condition can be enhanced to a large extent, however it is important that the right components are installed to facilitate a harmonious running of the engine and power delivery components.

Any mod done on the car should be backed with a clear plan of performance outcome.
A random set of parts don’t necessarily do any good to the car and finally the experience of enhancing the performance.

*Wear and tear of the engine and components will vary depending on driving style which is a normal phenomenon even if the car is kept original bone stock.