This is where the Real Deal starts for performance enhancement. Upgrades on Stage 2, 3 and beyond include Turbochargers/ Superchargers, Custom Internals (Pistons, Connecting Rods, Crank, Cylinder Sleeves in some applications) Stand Alone ECU, Custom Injectors, Custom Drive Shafts, Stronger Wheels, Soft Compound Tires, Better Brakes (Discs, Pads, Calipers, Brake Lines) etc.

There are a host of upgrades that have to be done to deliver more than double the power compared to what the car came in stock condition.

How the installation comes together is most important. However no matter how good the install is or how great the parts that have been installed, The final deal maker or breaker is the ECU tune. With the right tune a car can perform wonders, with the wrong tune the whole setup can fail.

Choice of modifications comes down to how much power / torque a user wanted to generate in what form, whether on road or off road. It also depends on what car and engine we working on as strength of materials and overall manufacturer design factors affect the choices we can make.

Builds can be as simple as street instant power packages to building a quarter mile or race track racing monster.
We suggest such mods for users who have at least basic to advanced level of understanding of how each thing works to produce that end effect on or off road. A misinformed user can easily destroy the setup we have built for them.